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We at M&K Furniture Repair have been in the furniture repair and restoration business in Crofton, MD since 1984. We have extensive experience working with furniture of all types. We pride ourselves in servicing everything from antiques to contemporary pieces. Our clients are often surprised that most furniture doesn't need to be completely refinished, usually restoration of the top is all that is needed in addition to some touch up work to the bottom and sides. This is especially important for antique pieces, because they lose their value when refinished completely. In addition to restoring your family heirlooms, we can also custom design and build special furniture pieces based on your specifications and needs.

We provide fast, honest service for the Anne Arundel, Howard, Montgomery, Prince Georges counties, Baltimore City and county, and Washington DC, with free pick up and delivery. Most of our clients come to us by referral and become repeat clients. Furniture restoration is our passion, we have been in this delicate business for a long time and take a lot of pride in what we do. If you're not happy--we are not happy. We stand by our work for one full year and longer depending on what is wrong.

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Furniture Refinishing and Repair

Some people prefer to have just a nudge when it comes to do it yourself furniture refinishing and paint stripping, they would prefer just some basic information and tips to get started, while others prefer some detail. We have both basic and detailed information, whether you're painting furniture, either unfinished.

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Infant Furniture and Equipment Repair

M & K Furniture Repair offers a fyear warranty consisting of repair of all wood furniture manufactured by our Company assuming normal usage. We've been repairing infant's furniture for several years. We pride ourselves in making only the best products for your family, school, or church. Based in Crofton, we offer personalized service, just give us the chance.



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